Preparation of floors


The first step in preparing your floors for any epoxy coating is to first grind the floor.  This is done by means of a walk behind grinder that will give the surface a profile of 3 according to ICRI STANDARDS.  While grinding, the grinder is attached to a vacuum to absorb most of the concrete powder and prevent it from becoming airborne.  In areas too small for the walk behind grinder to fit we use a seven inch grinder also attached to the vacuum.


Once the grinding is complete, we will scrape the joints and clean the whole floor using the vacuum to remove all the dust out of the pores of the concrete.

Concrete repair

At this point in the process we will partially caulk the control joints, repair cracks, holes, and divots usually with a  premium self-leveling underlayment​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Final preparations

Right before we start the epoxy process, we will blow out the entire floor one last time and do a thorough walk through of the floor to make sure nothing was missed, if there was it will be addressed at this time.


Solid color floors

We begin this process by applying a water based epoxy, which has a curing time of 12-18 hours before we can recoat.  The installer will use a brush to paint a crisp line at the edge of the epoxy, while the other installer will roll out the material.  That will complete the work for the first day.

     On the second day we will coat the floor with a polyurethane in the color of your choice, it will also include a UVR which is a uv absorber that will prevent your floor from yellowing over time.  At this time we can also add an anti-skid agent to prevent the floor from being slippery.  This completes the process for your solid colored floor.

Fleck finish

This style follows the same first two steps of the solid color floor, but as we apply the polyurethane in the color of your choice, we will disperse the vinyl paint chips throughout the floor.  Once the amount of chips is to our satisfaction, we will allow this to cure for a day.

     On the third day we will apply a clear polyurethane with UVR  and anti-skid if you like.


Our Granitex system begins with an epoxy into which vinyl paint chips of your choosing will be broadcast until complete coverage is achieved.  

     On the second day we will scrape off all excess chips and apply an acrylic clear that will typically dry between 1-2 hours, at which point we will finish it off with a coat of polyurethane with uvr and anti-skid if you like.


The metallic system starts with a fast cure epoxy primer in a base color, once that is complete we will wait for it to cure for a few hours.  Once we return we will apply an epoxy with the metallic pigment in it,  depending on the type of finish we will use different techniques to achieve our goal.

   On the second day will coat it with a coat of polyurethane with uvr and anti-skid if you like.

final touches


a small amount of silica sand can be added to the top coat to give a small amount of grip to the floor, without making it hard to mop the floor


Before the clear coat is applied a small IEF logo will be applied off to the side of the entrance which will then be coated with the clear coat.

Wait time

You must wait two days before walking or placing anything light i.e. boxes on the floor.

You must wait four days before driving your vehicle or placing heavy items i.e. rolling toolboxes, fridges or      heavy shelves on the floor.

After two days you can close the garage door, remember to remove the stop that was placed in the rail.

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