Floor Styles

Solid epoxy floor

A very simple and economic design with a single color covering the floor.

Fleck Design

An epoxy floor you can customize by selecting the base color along with the color of the vinyl paint chips to be dispersed into the floor.


A full broadcast of vinyl paint chips that are available in several different colors and sizes.

Metallic Epoxy Floors

A very unique and artistic epoxy floor that can range from single to multiple colors.  This floor is so fluid in its design it can give a 3 dimensional look ranging from a marbled effect

Metallic Epoxy Floors

to an underwater design or 

Metallic Epoxy Floors

a moon crater effect.  The possibilities are endless!

Sealing pavers

The use of a penetrating sealer on pavers to bring out the natural color of them.

Unique additions

Team Spirit

Show your loyalty to your favorite team, by  embedding their logo onto your floor and protecting it with a clear coating of polyurethane.

Endless Possibilities

For a new look it was placed inside a saltwater aquarium.

Epoxy Floor Detail


This floor is a two layer system that is usually completed in two days.  The first layer is a two part water based epoxy to penetrate deep into the pores of the concrete to have good adhesion to it. It is then coated with a  two part polyurethane in the color of your choice with a uvr additive to prevent yellowing of the coating.

select your color


The fleck system is a three coat system that is usually completed in three days, the first two steps are similar to that of the solid, yet once we coat it with polyurethane color of your choice, we will disperse vinyl paint chips of your choice randomly throughout the floor.  That will be topped off with a coat of clear polyurethane with a uvr additive to prevent yellowing of the coating

select your base and chip color


Granitex is a four coat system that usually is completed in two days, It starts with a two part epoxy where vinyl chips (of your choosing) are cast into, until the floor is completely covered in them.  Once dry on the second day we scrape off the excess chips and apply a single component acrylic clear that usually dries within 1-2 hours at which point we will seal it with a two part clear polyurethane with a uvr additive to prevent yellowing of the coating

select your chip color


The metallic system is a three part system usually completed in two days.  It starts with a two part fast curing epoxy as a primer, that will allow us to set the second coat the same day, the second coat is also a two part epoxy that is mixed with the color powder of your choice but has a slower curing time to allow the floor to have it's unique design.  On the second day we will seal it with a two part clear polyurethane with a uvr additive to prevent yellowing of the coating

metallic color choices


How to maintain your floor

You can walk and put light boxes on the floor two days after completion.  Full use of the floor is available four days after completion.  Avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and abrasives on the floor at all times. 

How to clean your floor

Cleaning your floor is a very simple process.

1. Start by blowing or sweeping the debris off your floor.

2. Use a rag to absorb any spills on your floor.

3.Wash the floor either by using a hose to rinse off or using a mop and a floor cleaner. (nothing fancy i.e. pinesol, a combination of vinegar and water).

4.  Wipe with a dry mop to avoid water stains.

Things to AVOID would be any harsh chemicals and any abrasives.  These will harm the finish on your floor.


1. How do i  clean up a liquid that spilled on the floor?

     You can use a paper towel or rag to wipe it up.

2. Will oil wipe off of my floor?

     Yes it will, but if it is left there for an extended period of time it may stain it.